Feedback Wanted on Danville Area Schools for ADHD Child

I would like some feedback on Danville area schools (specifically, Montair Elementary, St. Isidore, and San Ramon Valley Christian Academy) for an ADHD child. Can you speak to your experiences at these schools for high functioning children with learning differences/challenges. I'm looking for reasonable class sizes and a friendly, caring environment with great teachers who are strong in classroom management and teaching to different learning styles/differences. Also interested to know what are the resources/accommodations available to students at these schools - OT, social skills groups, taking tests in a quiet room or ability to review tests later - without stigma attached. Thank you! 

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What grade is your child? We go to Orinda Academy which is grades 8-12 with a safe social environment creating space for students to thrive.  Small class sizes, individualized attention, and a supportive learning model helps kids to bridge the achievement gap. It's been transformative for our son. Feel free to message me for questions.