Experience with Dr. Aaron Nayfack (Developmental Pediatrician)?

We were recently referred by our son's pediatrician to see Dr. Aaron Nayfack in San Carlos who specializes in developmental pediatrics.  I looked on BPN and did not see any recommendations or reviews of him or his practice, but being that he is on the peninsula, that may be why.  Our son will be 4 at the end of March and we and his preschool have started noticing that he may have a learning difference of some kind.  Specifically, we note that he has a strong need for control and has difficulty with transitions between different activities as well as difficulty with performing independent tasks and is easily frustrated with self-dressing/undressing and other activities.  He also appears to be more interested in parallel play still, as opposed to collaborative activities with his peers which would be more age-appropriate, and can at times avoid eye contact (although not always).  He may also have a sensory processing disorder (avoids touching certain textures and tends to be highly vocal).  We completed the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE and identified some difficulty in his fine motor skills as well as the social-emotional domains. I'm just wondering if anyone has seen Dr. Nayfack and has any insight on what assessment and/or treatment may look like for a child of my son's age.  We don't want to consider medication at this time, but are very open to any therapeutic-type interventions to help him thrive in his school, at home and in his relationships with his peers.  

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