East Bay Innovation Academy for Learning Differences

We won the lotto today for East Bay Innovation Academy admission. I have a bright kid with significant visual processing challenges that make math learning very challenging.  They also struggle with executive function (staying organized).  They have an IEP w layers of accommodations.  

I’m wondering if anyone can weigh in how EBIA does supporting kids w LDs. BUSD was a traumatic experience for our family through 5th grade.  My child is currently in a small private middle school and will be entering 9th grade next year. They’ve done well in the highly scaffolded supportive environment at their current middle school.  

We have applied to a few parochial schools that have what seem to be solid programs to support kids w LDs. We’d love to save on tuition since it is a struggle for us financially but really want a school that will accommodate and support the needs of neurodiverse kids. Any info on experiences w EBIA and their program for LD kids would be so appreciated.  

Thank you! 

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