Duck's Nest Berkeley

I have some specific questions about Duck's Nest Berkeley and welcome your input on any or all of the following questions! Does your child seem to feel loved there and/or do you feel warmth in the classrooms? How do teachers monitor the outdoor spaces - are they hands-on having fun and experimenting sometimes with the kids, or do they take a hands-off, supervising from a distance approach? How are mealtimes handled? How long do kids have to eat and how are they encouraged to keep taking bites ;) ? Are there special rituals during the day (e.g., story telling, songs)? How are birthdays celebrated? How do they wind down the end of the day? Do they read stories/watch screens while they eat? How often are the kids sitting at some sort of "circle time" and how long do those periods last? What about the kids who can't sit still? How does faculty respond to impulse control/behavior challenges? Discipline approach? What about behaviors that hurt others (biting, hitting, etc.)? How much total "free" play time is there in an average day? How many male teachers are currently there? Teachers of color? Family diversity? How happy is your kiddo when you tell them it's a Duck's Nest day? What would you change about the school if you could? 

Thank you!!

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