Divorcing: seeking a couples counselor to help us land smoothly

Hi community,

As the subject line suggested, my partner and I are divorcing after 18 years together. We have 2 kids.

There are lots of hurt feelings, of course, but my stbx in particular has a lot of unresolved emotions that he wants to express to me, and I would rather do this with a therapist or counselor present to help keep the conversation productive and constructive.  (We have tried to do this 1:1 and it doesn't work for me).  

Does anyone have a recommendation for a therapist that specializes in helping divorcing couples process their emotions so that they can build a constructive future relationship as coparents and family members? We were in "regular" couples therapy for 7+ years and I'm specifically looking for someone with experience helping divorcing people. 

Thank you so much.

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