Cost to Build a Deck Three Stories High

Has anyone built a large deck over a steeply sloping yard? I'm thinking about building one that would be about 25 feet out and 60 feet wide from the back of my house. My backyard is a steep hillside so the supports would be 3 stories high. Any info on costs and surprises would be appreciated.

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It's going to take quite a bit of engineering.  You are probably looking around $300k if not more.  Should be lovely. You didn't mention the city, but over the years some homes in the Oakland Hills have had some slippage issues in the past. That would be my only concern.   You will have to get the city and your neighbors to hopefully agree.  It can be done.  There are a lot of houses in the hills with large decks 3 stories up.  So it can be done.

Years ago I can remember being at a party at a house in the hills with a large deck that was high-up. As people started dancing, you could feel the entire house shake as if it was in an earthquake. Out on the deck things were really shaking.  I left, thinking for sure it was going to fall.  But it didn't.  Just make sure you get a good engineers.