Considering homeschooling 13 year old with poss ADHD

Hi there parents,

My non-binary daughter/child (I specify only because ADD looks different for X chromosome folks) has anxiety and possibly attention issues not diagnosed yet (looking into it). Middle school has become suddenly quite hard for them with social anxiety and an inability to focus on the work. Their brain seems fried from trying to pay attention all day and they end up zoning out and feeling bored/unengaged. They are burnt out at the end of the day and dread school at least half the time. They are generally happy but with mood swings (anxiety and depression) that are mostly related to school and how they feel being trapped in this paradigm.

I feel like if they were homeschooled it would alleviate most of the issues they are having. They can focus at home on self directed topics with less stimuli. We are in Berkeley and I am wanting to find a non-religious community that homeschools locally in their age range. I feel like we can hire a few tutors and take a few classes here and there but I don't want them home alone all day and I want them to find other home schooling kids that aren't too far away. Does this exist? I have been looking online and can't find anything. I'm not interested in a charter, just a community.

Any other suggestions are welcome. We love our public school and think it's great but not everyone can fit into that paradigm. Looking for options and community!

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