College kid needs summer housg / campg Russian Rivr / Santa Rosa

My hardworking 22 year old rising UC senior is studying ecology & evolutionary bio, focused on conservation in the wake of climate change, and (of his own initiative) has been largely putting himself thru college, relying on summer earnings to pay most of his rent all year in very expensive Santa Cruz (where 12 month leases are the norm). He has a paid summer internship this summer working on salmon restoration in the Russian River watershed, tromping through the 70+ tributaries 4 long days a week surveying and tagging juvenile salmon. He will be based in WIndsor. Unfortunately there is no housing provided with the internship, and rentals up there could consume his meager summer earnings esp given that unless he finds a subletter he will also be paying $1000 a month for his Santa Cruz room. Anyone have any leads for a low cost or free place my son could live or camp, or even sleep in his Toyota hatchback, M-Weds nights? He'll be coming home Thurs night - Mon am. but I feel he minimally needs access to a bathroom/ shower and to be able to cook on his little campstove during the week. (he is very experienced camper.)

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