City of Berkeley reimbursement for damages after sidewalk fall

Hi, we’re looking for information from folks who may have received reimbursement from the City of Berkeley, for something that was caused by COB property not being maintained. In our case, a sidewalk with a large gap in it causing a fall, which resulted in medical and other costs. We have filed the paperwork with the COB Attorney’s office, but have heard nothing back. (Accident was almost 6 months ago...). We’re you able to get reimbursement of your costs, and how long did it take?  Did it require hiring an attorney?  If you did, do you recommend yours?  Any tips for prodding a response from them?  Thanks so much. 

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We have been involved with a CoB lawsuit for a different matter. Don’t expect the CoB to pay or even respond.  The CoB mission statement on the CoB web site makes it clear why, “our principal obligations are to safeguard City assets, maximize revenues.”

You will have to hire a lawyer and sue.  Expect the city to put up a huge fight. That’s been our experience and what we have head from others.  The city’s policy is to spend more monkey contracting with contracted council even if it is more than the amount you are suing for.  Good luck.