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Hi all! We've got a spot in Child's Play's new Pill Hill campus this summer. But our latest interactions with the school have us a little worried. It seems like there have been a lot of snafus with the opening, which makes us worry that, at best, the teachers/administrators will be busy with logistics and, at worst, that it might not be a real option for us if all the licensing/facilities stuff doesn't happen in time. And several emails to the owner have gone unanswered. All totally understandable growing pains--but it would mean the world to us if someone with a kiddo at Child's Play's new campus (especially an infant) could drop us a note and let us know how things are going and if we need to consider backup plans. Thank you all for this wonderful community!

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Hi -

Congratulations on your baby!  I don't live in the Oakland area but I just wanted to encourage you to follow your gut.  People told me this when we were looking for a daycare for our infant a few years ago and it turns out that they were right.  If you're not getting responses now - this may be understanding given that the school is so new but what if you needed to manage some issue once your baby starts and they continue to be non-responsive?  Do whatever you need to do to reach a level of comfort and security about where your baby will be.  Good luck!


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We just started there on Monday with a great, slow transition week before our 3.5 month old starts full time Monday. Our baby has really enjoyed it. We get daily updates and they sent a video out today of the kids having a fabulous time with bubbles outside. 
I had concerns with the delays opening but I do think it’s okay. They’ve also had one social after school and another one coming up. We really enjoyed meeting the other parent. 
hope this helps!