Child care swap for 1.5 year old

My mother in law watches our 18 month old full time.  But we would like to try to give her one morning off per week.  Wondering if there is anyone else who would be willing to trade child care for about 3 hours once per week.  She could watch both children once per week and vice versa.  She is very experienced at child care.  She was a fifth grade teacher for 20 years and watched our first child until she was about 2.5 and transitioned to preschool and is now watching our second full time. She does lots of wonderful activities with the kids and especially loves doing art, even with the little ones.

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Hi Erica,

I am open to this. I just moved to the area and a stay at home mom. We were living in Korea for the last 2 years and I haven’t been able to find a preschool or child care because they’re all full so I am looking to put my son into school starting next year. He’s 2 years old now and will be 3 years old in January. We live in Oakland right near Piedmont Ave if you’re familiar. I’m home with my son everyday like your mother in law except for Tuesday. On Tuesday my son goes to a preschool program from 9am-1pm. We just moved here about 2 months ago so we’re still fairly new to it. I’d be more than happy to give your mother in law a break.



I am interested in child care swaps with your, or anyone, depending on location and compatibility. My daughter is 16 months old. I'm in Montclair area of Oakland. Thanks! I had her in daycare, then nanny share, and now nothing, even though I have tons of work I need to do on my computer. Please, anyone, reach out if you are interested. -Jaimy

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