cheap engineer &/or geotechnical consult for driveway on slope

Has anyone hired an engineer or geotechnical person who they would recommend for a consult about putting in a driveway on a slope?  And if so, how much did a consult cost? We are looking for someone "affordable," ideally in the range of a couple thousand dollars, not more than 5K.

The situation is that we bought an old house with no parking space. It's on a hill near Lake Merritt, so street parking is hard to find. After a year and a half of street parking with our toddler, we are considering trying to put in parking, but in order to create a permitted space we need to redo and modify our failing retaining walls. And we want to make sure we don't impact our foundation or our neighbor's foundation when we move the soil around.  I know there are companies that will handle all this for you (the consult and the labor), but we've been quoted around $35K for that, which feels really expensive.  I was wondering if it could be cheaper to consult separately with a geotechnical person and engineer and then hire someone separate to actually implement something based on that consult. 

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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