BUSD Franklin PreSchool vs Private

We are looking for a preschool for our 3 year old son. Spanish language is a priority so that led us to looking at the BUSD options. We would not qualify for a subsidized spot, so this question is really asking about considering Franklin without the reduced cost factor included. The diversity is appealing, as is the bilingual aspect. My concern is that because it is public there is a lack of resources for arts and crafts etc. and nature time that private options offer. I would love to hear from recent Franklin parents if they would recommend Franklin or suggest going with a private option.

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BUSD is unique in that the taxpayers support the entire district (Pre-K + all 17 schools) with a $30M tax measure that supports 1/3 of the teachers salaries across the district and additionally supports the arts programs, the library and an extensive music program. It is one of the few tax programs like this in the state. The staff and programs are pretty amazing and because the tax measure is so robust. Teachers from all over CA try to get a spot in our district because they are appreciated for their expertise by the community. As a parent with 2 children who have gone through K-12,I think BUSD's offerings are extremely strong - and compared to a private school, cannot be beat. I can't speak to Franklin specifically but I was on the oversight committee for the tax measure for several years and have seen close up how thoughtfully the funds are managed. Wish you the best of luck!