Build backyard shed / office - rebuild, design new, pre-fab?

I have two separate but related questions pertaining to backyard sheds/offices/pre-fabs. 1) I have a shed that suffered water damage (and a terrible mold's literally been quite the headache) from our big winter storms and I'd like to get recommendations for builders who would be willing to rebuild a shed that is in a tight location (sandwiched between a fence and an exterior house wall). Have you worked with someone you trusted who did this or who might? 2) In my heart of hearts, I am dreaming of building a new backyard office (also with some storage space to replace the old shed, which then would be torn down) and would love to hear from anyone who has had a good experience with local builders, prefab units, or however else you have managed to create some space outside of your house to work and store your gear. Thank you so much!

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