Brother being harassed by gang member in Central Valley

Hello BPN,

I can't believe that my first request for advice is one so full of drama. My brother is 63 years old and lives in Modesto. His stepson is involved in a powerful gang and there has been a history of problems between the two. It has turned increasingly violent and my brother is currently hospitalized because of a recent assault.

My brother is afraid of retaliation and will currently not share the assailants name with the police. Probably because of his wife, he has been unwilling to cut his stepson off completely. Clearly there is some level of enabling and  co-dependency happening. My brother feels that leaving the area is his only way out of the situation, but he also has other family members that are dependent and living with him, so it is not a simple process. Luckily, has financial resources and could retire.

I feel that there must be a way to get some kind of support or intervention so that he doesn't feel like he is living under constant threat of this person. I did find a gang outreach organization that I plan on reaching out to. (

I see that there are boundary issues that have encouraged this situation. If he recovers, I want to give him advice for moving forward without judging him for where he is at. Are there other resources that might help? I welcome any advice or ideas. Thank you!

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Let's hope your brother fully recovers.  I will assume you know Modesto has one of the highest crime rates in America.  And I suspect a low solve and conviction rate.  In your post you made it clear you brother is not going to cooperate with the police so this will just add to the statistics.  You could try gang intervention, but do you really think the gang will abide by it?  Your brother is absolutely he needs to get out of there.  Let's hope he has a full and speedy recovery.  And as soon as he is discharged get him out of there.  Listen to your brother.  

Best of luck to you and your brother.