Aurora School Winter Camp Reviews

I was looking for reviews, but only found ones for their summer camp.  The website offers were little information on the types of activities that are included in the winter break camp.  Would appreciate any insight from former families.  Thank you!

Parent Replies

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We are an Aurora family who has used winter and spring break camps before. My kiddos *love* them! I believe Josh Johnson, the head of the camps, has updated the website with more information -- the theme for winter break this year is the 5 senses. The days between 9am and 3pm are well structured, with varied and appropriate activities, including both indoor and outdoor time. The staff are terrific -- they clearly love hanging out with kids, and while they don't have qualms about setting limits, they are loving and kind. I think the school breaks in particular have a great staff-to-kid ratio -- it's not a big school and your kids would get lots of attention. Feel free to contact me with more questions, or contact Josh directly at 510.428.2606 x208.