Any current families with infants at Child’s Play

Hi There

We have been researching this daycare but are having a tough time finding reviews and notice the opening day for the new location keeps moving around.

Has anyone sent an infant here?

Any experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello.  Our 1-year old attends Child's Play at the Piedmont Pines location.  We are very happy with the care and highly recommend it.  I am not sure about the status of the Pill Hill location.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



We are enrolled to their new location (though our infant still hasn't been there, for obvious reasons). Their communication is very transparent, they seem to be taking Covid risks seriously, and I've really enjoyed my interactions with them so far. It is frustrating that they still haven't opened, but I feel excited about when our kid starts.

We too are due to start at the new location, hopefully in August.  We have had a positive experience interacting with the owner, but that’s all I can offer at this point.  We are curious to learn more also.

We were slated to start mid July and last we heard opening needed to be pushed back until August to comply with following strict/safe COVID regulations. We are also very excited to have our kiddo there once they do!