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Seeking a housekeeper to maintain our 2 bed 1 bath apartment near lake Merritt. Looking for someone to come once a month and clean well since we have a baby who is about to start crawling! 

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YES! Yolanda is AMAZING. She and her daughter are meticulous and REALLY good. 510-672-6056.

Hope this works out since I also have a baby and toddler!

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We like our cleaner Maria who comes to our house near Lake Merritt once a month.  You can text her at 510-253-6809 and tell her Helen referred you.  She is taking new clients.

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We also live near Lake Merritt and have a 1X month housecleaner. Her name is Lillian and she brings her husband and one other person to do the work. They're usually done with out 2BR 1 BA in about 90 minutes. Her phone is 510.258.3266.

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We decided to hire someone for the same reason and to take something off my plate when I went back to work.

would like to recommend our housekeeper- Lidiane Britto. She is punctual, beyond deep cleans (takes apart the shower head!), and reasonably priced. 

She is looking for additional business in the area:

+1 (415) 574-5921

lidiane.service [at] yahoo.com

please let her that Tina from BPN referred her.