Individual vs. Business Subscriptions for Tutors & Teachers

Tutors, teachers, college advisors and others have the option to subscribe as either a business or an individual, as explained below.

Should I subscribe as an Individual or a Business? 

Individual subscriptions are intended for private individuals who teach or tutor in the student's home and want to be included in BPN's Tutors & Teachers listing. More information: FAQ for Tutors & Teachers 

Business subscriptions are for private practices and businesses.  If either of the following applies, BPN considers you to be a business, not an individual tutor:
  1. You have an office or storefront where instruction takes place, OR
  2. There is more than one tutor/teacher at the business

In addition to being listed in BPN's Tutors & Teachers listing, businesses can also post a new announcement every month, and have a profile page on BPN where your current announcements will appear. Parents can post reviews of you to your profile page, and your page will be included in the relevant listings on the BPN website.


More information: FAQ for Businesses & Organizations 

Comparison of Individual vs. business

Subscription fee

  • Individual: $35 for one year
  • Business: $250 for one year (small one-person businesses may be eligible for a reduced fee - contact us)

Posting Access:   

  • Individual

Tutors & teachers can submit one post to the Tutors & Teachers listing. This listing is public on the BPN website, and your post remains in the listing for the duration of your subscription.  The weekly Parents of Teens contains a link to the Tutors & Teachers listing, but does not list individual posts.

  • Business:

In addition being included in the Tutors & Teachers listing, businesses can also post monthly Announcements and Events. If you offer different types of services, such as one-on-one tutoring as well as workshops for multiple students, you can submit more than one active post in a 30-day period.  These posts are public on the BPN website for 30 days, or for events such as an informational session, until the event date has passed. New posts received during the past week are included in the weekly Announcements newsletter which is mailed to all subscribers.  You have the option to also include your post in the weekly Parents of Teens newsletter.

Profile Page: (view an example of a profile page)

  • Individual:  No profile page.
  • BusinessYou have a profile page on BPN's website that you can edit and add information to, such as a blurb about your services and a link to your own website.  Your profile page includes parents' reviews of you, and also displays your current announcements. Profile pages appear in the Advice & Reviews Archive on the BPN website such as "College Advisors" (see example.) View more information about profile pages.

Parents' Reviews of You:  (view examples)

  • Individual:  Parents can recommend you in Parent Q&A in response to a question from another parent, and the responses will be published on the BPN website. These reviews are included on a general page such as "Math Tutors."
  • Business:  Parents can post "unsolicited" reviews directly to your profile page as well as recommending you in Parent Q&A.  New reviews of you from Parent Q&A are linked to on your profile page. Any reviews of you that were posted on the old website 1996-2015 will also be archived to your profile page.

How to upgrade from an individual subscription to a business subscription

  1. Login in to your Paypal account first, and cancel your yearly recurring payment to BPN so you will not be charged again for the individual subscription. Details about how to do that are HERE.
  2. Login to your BPN account.
  3. Go to and choose the Business subscription.