Winston Transitions SF: [Update] 5/23 open house cancelled; 5/22 added

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Winston Transitions, part of the national network of Winston Preparatory School campuses, is a highly individualized day program for young adults ages 17-21+ with learning differences. Transitions offers a dynamic and responsive learning environment that supports students as they navigate the shift from high school to adult life. Instruction flows from a holistic understanding of each student developed through Winston Prep's core Continuous Feedback System of individualized and responsive program design.

Each aspect of the program precisely matches students' strengths and needs. Students are introduced to work through robust internship opportunities and the professional environment created on campus. Academic and social-emotional skill-building coupled with employability skill-building further enhance the development of independence and sustainability as an emerging young adult. 

Please join us for an info session to learn more about how Transitions supports emerging young adults.

Virtual info sessions

5/22 - ADDED - 10 a.m. Pacific, please use the following link:


5/30 - 12 p.m. Pacific, please use the following link:

6/5 - 10 a.m. Pacific, please use the following link:

To register in advance for a specific date, please visit, navigate to Admissions > Open Houses > Winston Transitions SF, and complete an inquiry form to register for the session of your choice. Alternatively, please contact Jeff Beauregard directly. *Advance registration is not required but it is appreciated! 

We hope to connect with you soon!

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