Rhythmix Cultural Works : MoToR/dance: Water in the Kettle (World Premiere)

Feb 3, 2023Feb 4, 2023Feb 4, 2023
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All Ages

Body music percussive choir MoToR/dance presents an intimate evening of story, dance, music and community.

MoToR/dance and Rhythmix Cultural Works present the World Premiere of Water in the Kettle, MoToR/dance’s first evening-length production, featuring Artistic Director Evie Ladin’s body music choreography (harmony singing, body percussion, rhythm dance). Water in the Kettle illuminates the maddeningly recurrent struggles of modern women, and the country, with intention, humor, and connective rhythm. MoToR/dance reimagines the performance space, bringing the audience close, as in a village square. Layering rhythmic systems in hands, feet and body, adding three+part harmonies, MoToR/dance illustrates a collective consciousness, a precision requiring performers to listen intently to each other. From self-directed hum to blaring sarcasm, MoToR/dance tells choreographed stories with emotional impact. “It’s an explosion of molecules as we reach a boiling point.” Put some water on, we have a lot to discuss.

Three concerts lead into an Interactive Body Music Experience as part of the International Day of Body Music on Sunday, Feb 5th.

Three performances only!

Friday, Feb 3rd at 8pm

Saturday, Feb 4th at 5pm & 8pm

info [at] rhythmix.org