Mothership HackerMoms: Mom Community's Open House - IRL Co-Working and Virtual

Sep 20, 2023Oct 18, 2023Nov 15, 2023
Open Houses, Tours & Info Sessions

Mothership HackerMoms is the first-ever women’s creative life lab for mothers (broadly defined). We make, we hack, we write, we start businesses, we collaborate and commiserate, we fail together, and we grow together. Please RSVP and let us know to expect you at info [at]

Wednesday 11:30 am on September 20, October 18 and November 15. Join us for a Come-As-You-Are Open House to see the space and get to know us.

3288 Adeline St in Berkeley.

Can’t make it to an open house? Contact us at info [at] to figure out a time that works for you.

Ultimately, we are a community with a place to hang out on Adeline and Alcatraz. We have an online community and host amazing accountability groups that are all about emotional support, which are called Failure Clubs.

We define motherhood broadly to include all LGBTQIA+ mothers. Our community is dedicated to emotionally supporting our members who sustain creative lives. Since the pandemic, we have enriched our virtual community and have expanded our Failure Clubs. Our space on the Berkeley/Oakland border is exclusively for those who are vaccinated and boostered, with some rare exceptions for public events. Our space is kid friendly but largely focused on our adult members who get 24/7 access and a key.

Find out more on our website or read the Berkeleyside article about us