Berkeley Rose Waldorf School: Kindergarten and Grades Tour

Apr 25, 2019 8:30am
Open Houses & Tours

Come tour our school while the children are learning and the teachers are teaching our Main Lesson, a hallmark of Waldorf Education®. 

Join us at 8:30 am to explore our school, observe our passionate, dedicated and highly accomplished teaching staff, and ask questions about Waldorf Education. Imagine your child thriving in our warm and welcoming community! Founded in 2009, Berkeley Rose Waldorf School serves Parent-Child classes, Nursery, and Kindergarten through 7th grade in 2019-20, continuing to grow to 8th grade by Fall 2020.  Our newly unified campus serves all families in one central Berkeley location, close to the Cal campus.

At Berkeley Rose, we prioritize rigorous academics beginning in First Grade and provide a well-rounded education for children whose parents are seeking something different. We protect and preserve childhood by allowing our children to wonder and discover, developing a desire to seek and learn. The structure of our 100 year old curriculum, brought by each caring teacher into the modern day, consists of developmentally appropriate subjects and areas of study presented to support the emotional, spiritual and physical development of children. We do this without the use of technology, instead valuing relationships, beauty, nature; fine arts including painting, hand work, modeling, geometric drawing, recorder and flute, vocal music and stringed instruments for all children; the teaching of Spanish and Mandarin beginning in the First Grade; a testing-free environment where competition is discouraged; and an inclusive community that is made up of culturally and ethnically diverse families who speak more than 11 languages in their homes.

See for yourself if the kind of classical education which Waldorf schools foster, whose primary goal is to create a better world for all people, will satisfy your longing for something different for your child. If you dream of seeing your child: find their own passion, love going to school, develop who they naturally are, and become a responsible and caring citizen of the world, Berkeley Rose may be the community you seek. 

Our two-year kindergarten program serves ages 4.3y-6. 

Our first grade accepts students turning six years old by June 1, 2019. 

RSVP for the tour to info [at], (510) 859-7679 x 1. 

Karen Hunt
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