Bay Area Skeptics: SkepTalk: Are you sure that sippy-cup is safe?

Dec 12, 2020 7:30pm
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SkepTalk: Are you sure that sippy-cup is safe?
Parents face overwhelming amounts of information about the safety and welfare of their children. Every seemingly small decision seems impossible as the internet provides conflicting information on every topic ranging from sippy-cup safety to vaccines and medication. Most people tend to overinflate small risks while ignoring large risks. Parents' risk assessment tends to be highly skewed because the stakes seem much higher when it comes to their children. Consequently, stories and articles highlighting the dangers or risks of foods and children’s items gain a lot of traction. When these stories tap into different values or belief systems that the audience may hold, then they become part of one’s identity and worldview, and Parenting Wars are born. Throughout this presentation, Dr. Katiraee will highlight how SciMoms have tried to break through the silos in Parenting Wars. She will highlight the importance of understanding the fears that parents have, and that facts can only go so far in swaying or convincing one’s audience.

Dr. Layla Katiraee has a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto. Layla is also one of the directors at SciMoms, an educational non-profit dedicated to helping parents navigate through the overwhelming amounts of (mis)information and marketing claims they encounter.

WHEN: 7:30PM Thursday 12 December

WHERE:   La Peña Lounge, 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley [Map]

HOW: This event is presented FREE by the Bay Area Skeptics.

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