Yvonne Mansell, LMFT: Anger & Stress Management Series for Mothers

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Are you wanting to be a better model for your child or children regarding how you handle anger and frustration?  Do you want to be a calmer mom or enjoy parenting more?  If you yell or act out in ways you regret, or are stressed out by all the demands on your time and energy, you may want to participate in this group.  We meet in an 8-session series with education, discussion and reflection, led by an experienced therapist in Albany. The groups are small, supportive, and the approach is to increase one's mindfulness and self-compassion. An evening group is now being organized and has room for 1-2 more moms, most likely meeting on Monday evenings (every other week), starting Feb 24.  Cost is $400 for the series, or sliding scale if this would create a hardship.  Please see reviews from previous participants on the linked BPN profile page.  Now in its 11th year, many moms find benefit learning new skills and gaining greater understanding, all in good company.  For more information or questions, please visit www.yvonnemansell.com, or call (510) 528-9551.

Yvonne Mansell, MFT
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