The Wright Institute: Free Group for Caregivers of Teens - Starting 7/11

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Does your teen:
-Experience extreme emotions?
-Struggle with self-harm thoughts?
-Engage in risky or impulsive behaviors? 

ACT for Caregivers is an experimental 8 Week skills-based group for parents and caregivers looking for support on how to approach interactions with teenagers who struggle in regulating their emotions and behaviors.

Date/Time: Thursdays 6:30-8pm (8 weeks)
Starting July 11th 2019
Location: Berkeley

Commitment to 6 of 8 sessions is requested, assessment measures are required for research purposes

The group is based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness; session topics include:

-Identifying your parenting values
-Noticing your own emotional experience
-Practicing being the parent you want to be in the face of your own strong emotions
-Building Empathy Skills
-Practicing Assertiveness Skills
-Developing and enacting behavioral management plans

Call (530) 431-8611 to receive more information and a free phone screening to sign up 

Data will be collected from participants of this group by a doctoral student at the Wright Institute, in Berkeley, CA.

For questions regarding this study please call the doctoral student researcher, Juliana Morris, M.A., at (530) 431-8611 or 
jmorris [at] You may also contact the clinical psychologist supervising this study, Patricia Zurita Ona, PsyD. (Psy 24279) at pzuritaona [at]

Juliana Morris
jmorris [at]