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Is your child having trouble at school? Does their teacher say things like…

“We’ve noticed that when she doesn’t get what she wants, she becomes very disruptive”
“We have to move him outside so other kids don’t get hurt”
“She has complete meltdowns over the smallest things”
“I can’t just give all my attention to your kid!”

Quite often kids are expected to enter the classroom having already mastered important “non-academic skills” like social skills or emotional regulation. And very often kids are expected to display a high degree of self-management even when the classroom itself is an obstacle (for example, the class curriculum / class routine may not be designed to meet the needs of high-energy kids).

If your child is having trouble at school, their teachers may be unable to give him or her the help they need because this is seen as taking time away from all the other kids. This means parents are asked to address the problems from home – BUT, kids’ cognitive and social development is such that we can’t actually expect a child to apply what they hear at home to an environment that is completely different – and often much more challenging.

This can be REALLY frustrating for both teachers and parents – but we can help! Specifically, we can:

--Work with the teacher so they can address your child's behavior in the moment. For best results, your child needs support and intervention in the school environment, in real time. We’ll help their teacher to intervene effectively, so they see change, they feel supported, and you and they are on the same page.

--Work with you to develop your child’s social-emotional growth and impulse control at home. Skills-building at home needs to be part of the solution, and goes much further than insight-oriented approaches like feelings-identification or "using your words"! We’ll give you practical tools you can use to teach your child to manage frustration, anger and impulsivity. (Our tools are an especially good fit for "emotionally intense" kids.)

--Along the same lines, we’ll show you what NOT to do! Parents who want to help solve problem behavior at school need a few strategies that may seem counter-intuitive, and you actually hinder the process when you continue to try to instruct your child in the dos and don’ts of school behavior.

Is YOUR child having trouble at school? Give us a call and let us help you fix it!


Rebecah is AMAZING. Seriously, she's been life-changing!
--Wits' End coaching client

Rebecah is a thoughtful, non-judgmental teacher who gave us concrete, actionable steps we could take which -- in a matter of weeks -- completely transformed our day to day lives.
--Wits' End coaching client

Rebecah won me over by, in our intro session, describing exactly how my children undermine my discipline attempts and why ordinary discipline doesn't work on them. She seemed to know them already! She provided alternate methods that fit the needs of the high-intensity, emotional, controlling child.
--Wits' End coaching client

I had read so many books, and either the methods didn't work with my kids, or I would get so worn down I would give up... I highly recommend Wits’ End!
--Wits' End coaching client

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