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School's open this year, and yes, it's October already! But a lot of kids are still suffering the impact of lost opportunities caused by COVID-19. Kids have missed out on academics, of course -- and younger kids have also missed out on crucial opportunities for the development of social skills and impulse control. For younger kids, education in social skills and self-management is actually more important than education in math or reading, and the lost opportunities have a real impact! This year, we're seeing a real rise in the number of schools that are threatening to kick kids out because they're not playing well with others.

If your child is acting out at school, we can help you help them so they’re functioning effectively in the classroom, they’re getting along with and developing healthy relationships with peers, and they’re happy with their school experience! More specifically, we will:

--Work with your child’s teacher so they’re able to address the behavior in real time, in the moment. A lot of teachers make the mistake of assuming kids will just figure it out. Teachers may also punish kids for hitting, but that’s actually not a great way to teach self-regulation. We’ll show teachers what they need to do instead.

--Work with you to develop your child’s social-emotional growth and impulse control at home. This goes much further than insight-oriented approaches like feelings-identification or "using your words"! We give you concrete and practical tools you can use to teach your child to manage frustration, anger and impulsivity in the moment, which is when these lessons should be happening. (Our tools are an especially good fit for "emotionally intense" kids.)

--Teach you how to run playdates for the purpose of developing your child's social skills

--Teach you and your child's teachers how to involve your child in solving the problems, so they'll be more on-board with the process

Is YOUR child's transition back to school still a problem? Give us a call and let us help you fix it!


Rebecah is AMAZING. Seriously, she's been life-changing!
--Wits' End coaching client

Rebecah is a thoughtful, non-judgmental teacher who gave us concrete, actionable steps we could take which -- in a matter of weeks -- completely transformed our day to day lives.
--Wits' End coaching client

Rebecah won me over by, in our intro session, describing exactly how my children undermine my discipline attempts and why ordinary discipline doesn't work on them. She seemed to know them already! She provided alternate methods that fit the needs of the high-intensity, emotional, controlling child.
--Wits' End coaching client

I had read so many books, and either the methods didn't work with my kids, or I would get so worn down I would give up… Meeting with Rebecah every week held me accountable. I highly recommend Wits’ End!
--Wits' End coaching client

[With] years of experience with families, Rebecah Freeling understands what makes “spirited” children tick and how they are different from the “easy” kids.
-- Helen F. Neville, BS RN, Author of Temperament Tools: Working with Your Child’s Inborn Traits

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