Wits' End Parenting: Sunday Q&As paused -- but, free webinar?

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Hi, BPN community,

While COVID-19 remains a major problem, and we're facing other major stressors as well, we're not where we were a few months ago. And at Wits' End we're finding that the need for our Sunday Q&As has declined over the past month.

This being the case, we're going to cancel these Q&As for now. But we're still here to help! Do you have a parents' group, school community, or other community that would benefit from solutions to questions like...

  • My child's anger is extreme at times. What can I do about this??
  • How do I get my kid to listen without the resistance, arguments and fights?
  • My child is home all the time now, so it's Screen Time all the time. Can you help?
  • I have to work from home. How do I get them to occupy themselves while I do that?

If your group has questions, we have answers!

And if you'd like to arrange an online training- or coaching session for your community, we're here for that. The meeting would be free of charge, and we'll talk with you ahead of time to get a clear sense of the topics your group is most interested in. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, reach out via the contact information below!


Considering Parent Coaching? We Can Meet By Video!

Wits’ End Parenting wants you to know that we are able to work with you by videoconference, so you don’t have to leave your home or workplace. And in a parent-coaching context, this option is actually best for kids!

Want to see what other parents think? Check out our website and our Yelp page!

Wits' End Owner Rebecah Freeling's Bio:

Rebecah Freeling is a child behavior expert who specializes in kids with impulsivity, emotional volatility, difficulty “listening,” ADHD, aggression and bullying, and other problem behaviors. With a background in child education and child development, Rebecah has many years’ experience with kids at the far end of the difficult-behavior spectrum. Along with her coaching programs, which help parents resolve kids’ problem behavior quickly – and in a way that empowers everyone in the family – she has also developed The Agreement Game, a practical, step-by-step process for teaching cooperation and collaboration to strong-willed, "spirited" kids. Rebecah is the author of Your Rules Are Dumb: How to Maintain Your Parental Authority While Creating a Partnership With Your Spirited Child. She lives with her partner and various cats.

Rebecah Freeling
witsendparenting [at] gmail.com