Wits' End Parenting: Having trouble with "listening," meltdowns, aggression?

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Are you feeling stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed by your child’s behavior and/or "big feelings"? Wits’ End Parenting can help!

In this current time of significant stress and uncertainty, we want you to know that we’re streamlining our coaching programs to make them more affordable. And we're very excited about our new Listening & Emotional Regulation Program, which focuses specifically on getting the kids to listen and helping them with their strong emotions, especially anger -- and aggression!

What sets us apart: Wits’ End specializes in solutions for parents who have already “tried everything.” And the tools we provide are tailored to your child’s particular temperament. This is especially important for highly strong-willed kids, who have a high need for control (and a low need to please)! Here’s what our clients say happens as a result of working with us:

  • Parents yell less
  • Kids listen more
  • Parents and kids solve problems together so that everyone feels heard and everyone gets what they need
  • Parents have new tools that can be used long-term, throughout the course of their kids’ development

We’ve worked with spirited kids and their families for over 20 years, we work with kids of all ages, and we offer a range of family-coaching programs. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help!

 [With] years of experience with families, Rebecah Freeling understands what makes “spirited” children tick and how they are different from the “easy” kids.

-- Helen F. Neville, BS RN, Author of Temperament Tools: Working with Your Child’s Inborn Traits

I love meeting with you. It goes from "Oh my God, we're gonna fail as parents" to "Oh, OK. Now we have a plan!"
--One of Rebecah's coaching clients

Wits' End Parenting really understood the psychology of our kids and gave us some immediate strategies to gain their cooperation.
--Another one of Rebecah's coaching clients

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