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  • Is your child often really sweet and loving, but their own opinions, preferences, and goals are at the top of their priority list – and pleasing you is often not their main priority?
  • Is every day a battle? Does your child put up resistance when you ask them to do something like turn off screens or complete basic tasks? Does this resistance show up as oppositional behavior or outright defiance?
  • And what about emotional dysregulation? Is your child easily frustrated? Do they often get REALLY angry, going into rages that can last a LONG time – even acting out with physical aggression?

If you’ve read all the parenting books and tried all the strategies, but nothing has really changed, or if it did, it was only for a while – Wits’ End Parenting is your answer!

Wits’ End specializes in solutions for parents who have already “tried everything.” And because kids are not blank slates, we tailor our strategies to fit with your child’s need for Control!

It IS totally possible to really reduce the problem behavior, reduce all that stress and conflict, AND even get kids' buy-in to the behavior changes you’d like to see. You just need the strategies that work with strong-willed kids -- because as it turns out, most of today's mainstream strategies aren't the best fit for these kids. Our clients are really impressed with our practical approach and our ability to find solutions that fit their family. Here’s what one parent had to say:

“I’ve been talking to people for a year now…. therapists, teachers, our doctor… just trying to understand what’s going on. I’ve talked to you for an hour, and my mind is blown! You get him!”

We’ve worked with strong-willed, "spirited" kids and their families for over 20 years and we offer a range of family-coaching programs. Reach out to learn more about how we can help. There's never a charge for your first consult!


Rebecah is AMAZING. Seriously, she's been life-changing!
--Wits' End coaching client

Rebecah is a thoughtful, non-judgmental teacher who gave us concrete, actionable steps we could take which -- in a matter of weeks -- completely transformed our day to day lives.
--Wits' End coaching client

Rebecah won me over by, in our intro session, describing exactly how my children undermine my discipline attempts and why ordinary discipline doesn't work on them. She seemed to know them already! She provided alternate methods that fit the needs of the high-intensity, emotional, controlling child.
--Wits' End coaching client

I had read so many books, and either the methods didn't work with my kids, or I would get so worn down I would give up… Meeting with Rebecah every week held me accountable. I highly recommend Wits’ End!
--Wits' End coaching client

[With] years of experience with families, Rebecah Freeling understands what makes “spirited” children tick and how they are different from the “easy” kids.
-- Helen F. Neville, BS RN, Author of Temperament Tools: Working with Your Child’s Inborn Traits

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