Wits' End Parenting: Got a strong-willed kid? Has COVID made it worse?

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  • Are you feeling stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed by your child’s problem behavior?
  • What about "big feelings"? Is emotional regulation a concern? Are you dealing with meltdowns, rages, and even physical aggression?
  • And what about just getting through the day? Has the loss of pre-COVID structures and routines made it a lot harder for you and your child to manage basic tasks?

If you've answered Yes to any of these questions, we can help! We’ve worked with spirited kids and their families for over 20 years and we’ve helped a lot of families navigate the new problems and added stress that’s come with distance learning and social distancing. We’ve also streamlined our coaching programs to make them more affordable, and we’ve also added an intensive program for families wanting more intensive support. Give us a call to learn more!


Rebecah is AMAZING. Seriously, she's been life-changing!
--Wits' End coaching client

I had read so many books, and either the methods didn't work with my kids, or I would get so worn down I would give up… Meeting with Rebecah every week held me accountable. I highly recommend Rebecah and Wits’ End!
--Wits' End coaching client

Rebecah is an understanding, compassionate, thoughtful, non-judgmental teacher who gave us concrete, actionable steps we could take which -- in a matter of weeks -- completely transformed our day to day lives.
--Wits' End coaching client

[With] years of experience with families, Rebecah Freeling understands what makes “spirited” children tick and how they are different from the “easy” kids.
-- Helen F. Neville, BS RN, Author of Temperament Tools: Working with Your Child’s Inborn Traits

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Rebecah Freeling's Bio:

Rebecah Freeling is a child behavior expert who specializes in kids with impulsivity, emotional volatility, difficulty “listening,” ADHD, aggression and bullying, and other problem behaviors. With a background in child education and child development, Rebecah has many years’ experience with kids at the far end of the difficult-behavior spectrum. Along with her coaching programs, which help parents resolve kids’ problem behavior quickly – and in a way that empowers everyone in the family – she has also developed The Agreement Game, a practical, step-by-step process for teaching cooperation and collaboration to strong-willed, "spirited" kids. Rebecah is the author of Your Rules Are Dumb: How to Maintain Your Parental Authority While Creating a Partnership With Your Spirited Child. She lives with her partner and various cats.

Rebecah Freeling
witsendparenting [at] gmail.com
(510) 619-5920