W.I.L.D. (Wilderness Immersion and Leadership Development): Summer Backpacking / Rites of Passage For Teens

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W.I.L.D. is a skill-building, ceremony-based backcountry program for teenage boys and girls that takes place each summer in Yosemite National Park and the John Muir Wilderness.

Now in its seventh season, we offer 7- and 10- day courses for 13-14 year old and 15-19 year olds respectively. You can see our full Summer 2021 schedule at www.backtoearth.org/summer-2021. We are delighted to announce that this summer we are offering our first-ever trip for teenage girls. Go to www.backtoearth.org/wfyw for more information.

W.I.L.D. participants learn how to travel safely in the backcountry, manage risk, and develop real world leadership skills. Through a variety of nature awareness and mindfulness practices, we develop relationships with the natural world that sustain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. W.I.L.D.'s unique combination of hard skills training, expressive arts, and rites of passage work fosters a culture of gratitude and resilience that supports transformative personal growth. 

To learn more about who we are and what we do visit our website at www.backtoearth.org/wild, or click here to watch a video filmed by one of our participants and narrated by another about his W.I.L.D. experience.

We're happy to answer questions and to talk to parents and teens about whether this program is a good fit, so please be in touch.

In gratitude,
Eli and Jesse

eli [at] backtoearth.org