UCSF Department of Psychiatry: Web-Based Study for Improving Teen Sleep & Mood

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Hi everyone, 

My name is Raul and I am a research coordinator for the Reducing Risk study at the University of California, San Francisco.

I work with Dr. Lauren Asarnow, who is currently running a research study that aims to improve the sleep and mood of teenagers in our community. We are recruiting adolescents between 12 & 18 years old. Eligible participants will engage with an eight-week web-based intervention consisting of weekly videos, worksheets, and text message support. The program includes free access to a web-based sleep and mood improvement intervention. All study visits are done remotely (no in-person contact), and participants will be compensated up to $145.50. The study in total will last about 8 months. If you discontinue the study prior to completing all study-related procedures, you will be paid for the procedures that you have completed. 

Given, the lack of mental health resources currently available for adolescents and the stressors associated with COVID-19, we would like to open the opportunity to participate in this study to the members of our community.

Fill out the survey to find out if you’re eligible to participate: https://is.gd/reducingriskstudy. Any questions regarding the project can be directed at our email: reducingrisk [at] ucsf.edu.

Raul Barete
reducingrisk [at] ucsf.edu