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Hi everyone,

My name is Raul Barete and I am the research coordinator for the Bright Mobile Intervention for Teen Sleep Study at the University of California, San Francisco. We are currently recruiting for our research study, BITS, which requires no in-person visits! 
The purpose of the BITS study is to learn more about ways to provide behavioral therapy for insomnia to people between 12 and 18 years of age. We are testing a mobile-based method of delivering a sleep health intervention. As a participant in the study, you begin with going over an informed consent form when you will have opportunities to learn in greater detail what the study involves. We will then ask questions to determine if you are eligible to take part in this study. If we determine that you are eligible to participate, you will enter the baseline phase during which you will complete study measures, including daily sleep diaries and questionnaires. You will then start the online sleep intervention, which will be available to you for a period of 2 months. The study will, in total, last about 5 months. During these 5 months, there will be 3 study assessments that will involve questionnaires, answering interview questions, and completing sleep diaries. If you are eligible to participate you will be paid up to $76.00 for completing study assessments. If you discontinue the study prior to completing all study-related procedures, you will be paid for the procedures that you have completed. 
Any additional questions regarding the project can be directed to me at 760-429-3275 or raul.barete [at] ucsf.edu. Please complete the Self-screen Checklist (https://tinyurl.com/bitsstudy) if you are interested in participating in the study.

Raul Barete
raul.barete [at] ucsf.edu