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Our 2017 Secondary Division offerings feature a selection of brand new classes as well as some unique courses returning from hiatus.

New Courses: These courses have never been offered at ATDP before, and we expect demand for these spots to be very high. As applications are evaluated in the order completed, we strongly recommend applying early!

  1. First-Year French – For the first time, ATDP is offering an accelerated class covering the entire first year of French! See full description & details.
  2. Mathematical Constructions with Art & Computers – For students who want to use their mastery of geometry to create art, both by hand and with computers, this course offers students a creative way to deepen their mathematical skills. See full description & details.
  3. Applied Mathematics: Understanding Higher Math through Physics and Tinkering – A blend of math and natural science, this course introduces students to calculus concepts through physical demonstrations. See full description & details.
  4. Minds, Brains, and Computers – Our introductory philosophy course has been reimagined to focus on the relationship between man and machine. See full description & details.

Returning Courses: These Secondary Division courses are back, and may include revisions and updated curricula for this summer:

  1. Fourth-Year Japanese – Students studying Japanese at the advanced level have the opportunity to complete their mastery. See full description & details.
  2. Probability & Statistics – For students who want to know the math behind the headlines, learn how pollsters, researchers, and policymakers sift through data and crunch the numbers—and how they can mislead! See full description & details.

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UC Berkeley's ATDP offers challenging summer courses for highly motivated young scholars in grades K-11. Since 1982 students have come to our sites to take stimulating and invigorating classes designed for academic advancement and enrichment.  Examples of past courses include, Rainforests, Math Magic, and Programming in Java. Secondary Division is held for six weeks at the UC Berkeley campus and Elementary Division is held for three weeks at Washington School in Point Richmond. 

Save the Dates for Summer 2017

Elementary Division (completing grades K-6)
Dates: July 10 - July 28, 2017 (3 weeks)
Applications due: March. 15, 2017 (returning students); March 29, 2017 (new students)
Course Catalog

Secondary Division (completing grades 7-11)
Dates: June 19 - July 28, 2017 (6 weeks)
Applications due: Feb. 15, 2017 (returning students); March 1, 2017 (new students)
Course Catalog


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