UC Berkeley School of Education: Seeking high schoolers to test machine learning app

Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids
SF Bay Area

I am Alexandra Law, a research intern in CalTeach Summer Research Institute under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Wilkerson, a professor in the Graduate School of Education of UC Berkeley. I am here to invite you to join our research project,’How Data and Machine Learning Shape High School Students' Self-Recognition and Self-Efficacy in K12 Extracurricular curriculum?’. 

This project will last from July to August. We aim to investigate how students can gain self-recognition by realizing their interests and characteristics with the help of computational applications and Machine Learning. Participants will be asked to do mini research on their interests or hobbies online. They will then conduct basic data analysis and visualization based on what they have found. They are also required to fill in a questionnaire regarding their attitudes towards their hobbies. 

Participants can receive users' manual and attend free tutorials on data analysis in the project. They can apply Statistics and computational knowledge to real life examples, broaden understanding of coding and enhance their data analysis skills after the project.

I am looking for high school students living or attending school in California. The entire activity will be entirely online. If you are interested in joining the project, please do not hesitate to contact me at alex0413 [at] berkeley.edu

Alexandra Law
alex0413 [at] berkeley.edu