UC Berkeley Golden Bear Sleep & Mood Clinic: Is your teenager sleeping fine?

Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids
Preteens, Teens

Is your teenager sleeping fine? Teens can receive up to $80 and parents can receive up to $60. Teenagers ages 10-18 who do not experience sleep problems and their parents may be eligible to participate in a 2-session study about parent-teen conversations. Compensation for participation is up to $80 for teens and $60 for parents. 

This research study takes place on the UC Berkeley campus. Sessions will last up to 3 hours each and will take place on UC Berkeley campus. Participation will involve blood pressure and electrocardiogram readings. 

To participate, your child:
--must be 10 to 18 years old and living with a parent or guardian*

Contact us NOW! Enrollment is happening now through spring 2020. 

*Permission of parent or guardian is required to participate in the study.

Vera Portnova
sleepteamucb [at] gmail.com