UC Berkeley Golden Bear Sleep & Mood Clinic: Is your teenager having a hard time with their sleep?

Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids
Preteens, Teens

Is your teenager having a hard time getting to sleep? Researchers at UC Berkeley may
be able to help!

The Golden Bear Sleep & Mood Research Clinic is conducting research designed to
improve teens' sleep and help parents more effectively communicate with their teens
about making important sleep behavior changes.

This research study takes place remotely by phone and/or video call. Participants will meet
once a week for an hour for 6 weeks. This is a no-cost, no medication study.
Treatment targets for teens:
--trouble falling asleep
--trouble getting up in the morning
--feeling sleepy during the day
--emotional and behavioral functioning

Treatment targets for parents:
--Support your adolescent to improve sleep and health
--Help your adolescent achieve their sleep and health goals
--Help your adolescent stay motivated for sleep and behavior change
--Manage your own beliefs and emotions
--Maintain progress

To participate, your child:
--must be 10 to 18 years old and living with a parent or guardian*
--must go to sleep late on at least 3 weeknights per week (after 10:40 pm for 10-13 year olds, after 11:00 pm for 14-16 year olds, and after 11:20 pm for 17-18 year olds)

Contact us NOW! Enrollment is happening now through end of May 2020!

*Permission of parent or guardian is required to participate in the study. 

Vera Portnova
sleepteamucb [at] gmail.com