True North Parent Coaching: Need help Transitioning Your Parenting Post-Pandemic?

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Hi parents,

Are you:

  • Feeling frustrated that your parenting looks different than it did before the pandemic?
  • Struggling with post-pandemic challenges like increased screen time, decreased motivation for socializing and schoolwork?
  • Ready to feel less overwhelmed by parenting and get your confidence back?

We all made adjustments to our parenting during the pandemic. For many of us the values we used to make choices were loosened or lost completely during this last year. Some things we never thought we’d do became a necessity (like more screen time). As we emerge from the pandemic we need to transition our parenting as well. Finding our way back can be overwhelming. We are juggling so many different concerns like screens, socializing, returning to school and communication skills that it is hard to know where to start or even what support our kids need as they adjust to post pandemic life.

Parent coaching can help with this transition.

Working together we will examine what you’d like to keep and what you’d like to change from pandemic parenting. Together we will co-create tools that will bring you back to the parent that you want to be.  You will finish feeling anchored again in your parenting values and priorities. In the end you will find more ease, peace and joy in your parenting life and for your family.

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