True North Parent Coaching: 10 Tips For Connecting With Your Child and Teen

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When your child or teen is having BIG emotions connection can be the difference between just limping through a difficult moment and instilling a sense of security in your child.  

It is our job as parents to make a safe space for our kids to have ALL their BIG emotions.  To show them that all kinds of feelings are ok and that they can handle them (and so can we).  It’s normal and okay not to agree with WHY they are having such an extreme reaction to something that seems so insignificant. In spite of that mismatch you empathize with WHAT they are feeling, not why they are feeling it. 

It is never easy, but this skill CAN be learned.  That why I developed this FREE E-booklet: 10 Tips to Stay Connected to Your Child when they are having BIG emotions. Click on the title to access the book!

Teens are notorious for their BIG feelings and connecting with them in these moments is just as important then when they are little.

See these challenging times as opportunities to deepen your relationship, build regulation skills (yours and theirs) and help your child’s healthy brain development. 

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