TPT Teaching & Coaching: Textbook Tips? No, Get The Insider’s Knowledge!

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Are you worried about your child returning to full-time learning this fall?  If your child is transitioning to high school, learn with an actual certified high school teacher who knows the classroom curriculum front and back and an executive function (EF) expert with 16 years of formal teaching experience. If your child is transitioning to college, enroll in our ultimate University Success Playbook class taught by a highly experienced college instructor and university workshop presenter.

What can a licensed, multi-level education expert who had formally taught both high school and college do for your child? The expert educator can show your child: 

-The ins and outs of secondary and postsecondary education. 

-Expert EF tips from lived experience that you won’t find in any textbooks. 

-Curricular insights to obtain and maintain academic success.

-The inside scoops to make the most of campus resources and support systems. 

Why get textbook tips when you can get the insider’s knowledge?

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