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Dear Parents, 

Would you like to step back and watch your child gain independence?  Well, this is my mission at TPT Teaching and Coaching. TPT provides exceptional special needs tutoring, executive function coaching, and college support developed by a trilingual, twice credentialed expert educator with 15 years experience from middle school to university level. I help students achieve autonomy, so families can do more togetherness.  Using my extensive classroom experience and higher education background, I have the ability to get through to students by really understanding where the student comes from emotionally, socially, and academically.  I teach and coach the whole student.  At TPT, the instructor gets the students in so many ways:  personally, academically, uniquely, culturally, transitionally, and generationally.  I love the process of getting to know students as individuals and helping them translate their challenges into actionable steps. To me, all the magic in the world is in that special moment. I believe when you truly get a student, that is like finding the North Star on how I can best assist them.  

From a parent at Notre Dame San Jose:  “Thuy related very well with our 17yr. old daughter.  She was able to get through to her on so many levels.  The extra help on the weekend worked perfect with my daughters schedule.  Highly recommend!”

You may inquire today at I look forward to helping your students step up joyfully so you can step back proudly. 


Thuy P. Truong
truongpthuy [at]