TPT Teaching & Coaching: Executive Function Support From Your Living Room

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Dear Parents,

Happy Spring!  Did you know that you can chat with an executive function expert today from your living room?  Is your child struggling with homework, organization, or motivation? Try our FREE EF/ADHD Hotline (Your Way:  Zoom, FaceTime, or Phone Call), 30 min/session, Monday-Friday (free recording included).  How? Book online. Sample Parent's Question: "How do I help my 13 year old ADHD/dyslexic organize her life and not be late, not forget her items (even shoes), and keep her room livable because she doesn’t know how to start organizing." Parent's Comment: "I love the time suggestions. We will try them:). Her room is a work in progress 😂. We will try to do smaller steps. She is definitely a visual/multisensory learner especially with her dyslexia."  We’ve got you covered!  Book with us!

Thuy P. Truong
truongpthuy [at]