TOYCYCLE: Seeking Toycycle Curators in Fremont and San Jose

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Toycycle is a resale marketplace designed with families in mind. Between brand-new gear, toys, and clothing, most families spend thousands of dollars shopping for a new baby. These items are quickly outgrown and are often gently used, barely used, or sometimes never used at all. This pattern continues each year as a child grows and develops.
We’ve created a concierge consignment service to help busy families earn money on the large quantities of items that their children outgrow. Our full-service process enables us to curate a selection of quality-controlled, excellent condition products for other families. Toycycle is a convenient and reliable marketplace for toys, clothing, and baby gear, and is a leader in sustainable shopping solutions for eco-conscious families.

Toycycle Curators are trained independent operators who provide curbside consignment services to help busy families part with their outgrown gear simply and sustainably. Curators work from their own homes, collecting, processing, and listing items they acquire on consignment from local families, then ship those items nationwide when they sell through the Toycycle Marketplace.

As a Toycycle Curator, you’ll need to have knowledge of the range of products families acquire in infancy and childhood, computer access and internet literacy, research skills, basic business skills, excellent interpersonal and communications skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

To apply, simply fill out the Curator Registration Form here and someone from our recruiting staff will get in touch with you. 

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