Tilden Preparatory School: Tilden is Enrolling Now!

K-12 Schools with Immediate Openings

Is your student struggling at their current school due to learning loss, needing a different pace, needing greater support for a learning different, or wanting a challenge? Tilden Prep is here to help! We offer rolling enrollment and specialize in working individually with students to learn how they learn best.

Reach out today to connect with Directors and Heads of School to discuss how Tilden can help your student experience success.

Students choose Tilden for a variety of reasons:

  • Bright students with ADHD or other learning differences: Often students with ADHD or other learning differences are a mismatch for classroom style learning. Tilden helps these students shine academically and re-ignite their love of learning when taught one-to-one.
  • Students with Learning Loss: Many students fell behind during the pandemic and want to get ahead with our 1-1 individualize program. At Tilden, students can move at their own pace and build a solid academic foundation.
  • Gifted Students: We find that these students thrive at Tilden because they can learn at their own pace and in as much depth as they wish. All Tilden students have the opportunity to take advantage of 20 weighted Honors and 33 AP courses.
  • Twice-exceptional (2E) students: We have many twice-exceptional students who benefit from acceleration in some areas combined with support in more challenging areas.
  • Organization and Planning: Adolescence is a time to build these important skills. Many students benefits from help with planning, organization, and other student skills while completing their courses. 
  • College Eligibility: Students whose grades from previous schools do not reflect their potential or capability who want to attend college with a strong academic foundation.
  • Teens with Health/Emotional Challenges: Tilden can provide an individualized program for students who are navigating health and/or emotional challenges and have a history of extended absences or credits to recover.
  • Athletes and Performers: Individuals who need flexible schedules without compromising academic integrity
  • Students a Home: Students who have not attended school for a period of time and need a personalize program to reorient ba.ck to school.
  • Seamless Transition for Other Programs: Teens who are transitioning from another school or program in the middle of a semester.
  • Small is Best: Teens who want a small, welcoming, and socially inclusive school environment with personalized, one-to-one education.
  • Social/Emotional Learning: Students who want more social opportunities while also enjoying a customized, one-to-one education.
  • Early College Path: Some students choose an early college path where they can design their own education by combining community college and high school courses.
  • Visionaries: For students who have been bored with a traditional approach to learning and education, we offer the room to explore creative and unique paths to learning. This could include credits from outside classes and experiences. We also partner with students to capture a range of interests and experiences that help them to stand apart during the college application process. 

Registration forms are available online or join us for an upcoming Open House

Laurie Kumar
admissions [at] tildenprep.com