Tilden Preparatory School: Helping Students Stay Organize

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Join us  Thursday, May 21 at 6pm  on our Albany campus at 1231 Solano Ave for a presentation on Helping Students Stay Organized by Julia Nunan-Saah.

Organizational skills are critical for academic success and daily functioning. However, many students struggle with organization and overall executive functioning, requiring additional support from parents and family members. This workshop explains how brain development impacts executive functioning. It also provides strategies to help students complete homework and manage academic assignments. 

Julia Nunan-Saah, PhD is a clinical neuropsychologist at the Child Mind Institute in San Mateo. She is passionate about working with children and adolescents with a range of challenges that affect learning, behavior, and social-emotional functioning. Her primary areas of expertise include learning differences, ADHD, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and medical conditions. Learn more by visiting: https://childmind.org/bio/julia-nunan-saah/

RSVPs are appreciated. Refreshments will be served.

Tamar Gottlieb
tamarg [at] tildenprep.com