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The last time you learned to read was likely the first time you learned. Yes, that long ago. It's the same for your middle school child/student. Reading may seem like a second-nature skill to the average person, but this can radically change when taking a high-stakes admissions test in a high-pressure testing environment.  In our middle school level MindFlow workshop, students gain an edge on high stakes tests, like the SHSAT, SSAT, HSPT, COOP, or ISEE – or any admissions test by implementing our speed reading strategies and positive mindset techniques. Students learn to read faster without compromising comprehension. In addition to improving reading for school assignments, these skills help test-taking performance. MindFlow also includes mindful holistic practices that promote focus, calm, and confidence to benefit students' in school and in life.  

MindFlow is a dynamic five-hour class, taken over two days with breaks. Upon completion, students feel empowered as they witness their reading speed increase up to five times. This quick improvement in a skill-set often acts as a catalyst for further study. 


Weekend Workshops!
Saturday & Sunday
10 am - 12:30 pm with breaks

June 13th & 14th
July 11th & 12th
August 15th & 16th
September 12th & 13th

Benefits of the Mindflow Workshop

✔ Read up to five times faster and increase verbal section performance 13% (average)
✔ Gain valuable time to think critically and answer questions on high stakes tests 
✔ Increase content mastery, comprehension, and retention
✔ Meet the academic demands of a heavy reading load

This class is also offered to high school students and college students.
For information: mindflowclass.com

Bara Sapir is a pioneer and internationally recognized expert in high-performance coaching, personal empowerment, and transformative test preparation. She is CEO/Founder of City Test Prep She holds Masters degrees in education from the Jewish Theological Seminary and in art history from the University of Michigan. She has certifications in hypnosis, Integrative Life Coaching, Reiki, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Interchange Counseling, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MSBR-T). She is SIP with her rescue pup, Chata.

Bara Sapir
bara [at] citytestprep.com