Teach Me Wall Street: Virtual Summer Camp for Teens Interested in Finance

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Teach Me Wall Street offers 4, weekly summer boot-camps that will empower teens with real world knowledge about money, investing, trading and the role of Wall Street and banks - topics rarely covered in school. Give your kids a distinctive advantage from your couch or living room with these fun, interactive Summer Camp Tracks:

Track 1- Wall Street 101 – Explore how Wall Street works and who the players are. 

Track 2 - Investing – Learn about Stocks, Bonds and other financial instruments; and the best investment strategies to help you grow your money. 

Track 3 - Fintech, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency  – Focus on new, uncharted and developing technologies and the exciting career opportunities they present.

Track 4 - Budgeting and Beyond – Learn how to create and manage a budget and avoid financial pitfalls.

Camp Details:

  • Tracks are run twice a day to accommodate students in different time zones.
  • Camp runs Monday - Friday, 10am -12pm EST, and 1pm - 3pm EST.
  • Students enroll in the 10am EST or 1pm EST camp classes. If their schedule changes, they can switch to the alternative class time for the day.
  • The first Boot-Camp session begins, Monday, June 14, 2021.

What's included?

  • Live, interactive and engaging instruction (not a boring Zoom lecture)
  • Educational games with prizes
  • Instructors with real life Wall Street backgrounds
  • Parents’ discussion guide
  • Optional homework / extra credit work for students
  • Recording of session if you miss the class
  • Certificates upon completion

How Much Does It Cost?

The five-day Wall Street 101 and Budgeting and Beyond camp tracks are each $300, and the Investing and Fintech and Bitcoin camp tracks are $500 each.

Will my child enjoy this?

Absolutely. We have taught hundreds of students and many have enrolled in ALL the classes and camps we offer.  We love Wall Street and know how to make it fun and interesting. See testimonials and learn more at www.teachmewallstreet.com.

Annaline Dinkelmann
info [at] teachmewallstreet.com
(212) 666-0175