Teach Me Wall Street: Finance Summer Boot Camps for Teens

Summer & Holiday Camps
Outside the Bay Area

It’s not too late to enroll in Teach Me Wall Street’s remaining virtual summer boot-camp sessions! Teens will be empowered with real world knowledge about money, investing, trading, budgeting, and the role of Wall Street and banks - topics rarely covered in school. Give your kids a distinctive advantage from their sofa or living room with these fun, interactive Summer Boot-Camps:

Wall Street 101 – Explore how Wall Street works and who the players are. 

Investing & Trading – Learn about Stocks, Bonds and other financial instruments. Find out how to pick stocks, make trades and invest and grow your money.

Budgeting & Beyond – Learn how to create and manage a budget and avoid financial pitfalls.

Fintech, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency  – Focus on new, uncharted and developing technologies and the exciting career opportunities they present.

Enroll now!  www.teachmewallstreet.com

Annaline Dinkelmann
info [at] teachmewallstreet.com